The best time to buy used cars

Once you have decided which car to choose, now you need to know how to get the best deal. One way to cut costs is to buy at the right time.

The dealer has the goal to achieve, and the bonus is available for snapping. Typically, this is based on quarterly sales, making it a good time to buy at the end of March, the end of June, the end of September and December. They need to change cars, so they are more willing to negotiate and provide attractive financing options.

However, if you buy from a private seller, it is unlikely to be a good or bad time. In addition to the price that private sellers want to achieve, there are no other goals to achieve. If you buy this way, pay attention to the price a few months before you actually buy it - if the price drops, you may have to wait. Going up, it is wise to buy early.

For a quiet time, try to avoid the weekend, or at the beginning of the month, just after the payday. A dealer full of people who want to buy is not a good place to bargain.

If you buy it privately, then it is worth taking time when other potential buyers may not be there. This may be Christmas or summer vacation. Think about the style of the car. Summer is when drivers dream of buying a convertible, and winter is a good time to bargain.

This is some advice from brokers and traders...

Don't leave it on the last day of the quarter, as any deal will disappear once the goal is reached.

All dealers are committed to achieving a three-month sales target... Most of us are trying to reach our goal by the end of the quarter, we reached the best deal in February and early March, and now basically complete this quarter Transaction.

"What car do I need?" Checklist

Before you start browsing "one", think about what you really need. If you want to build a family, it doesn't make sense to buy a two-seat convertible, so you have to figure out what is realistic. Ask yourself:

What is my basic requirement? Is there enough family space? Want to drive a cheap car? Sporty number? Think about what you need...

  • Do I need this car to do something specific? This may include dragging a trailer or accessory to a small space.
  • Is it a short-distance city drive or a long-distance highway? Does it need to be able to cruise on the highway without being bound?
  • Is gasoline or diesel better? The fuel you want to use can have a big impact on the models you might choose.
  • Do I need a big boot? Think about whether you need space to place sports equipment or a stroller, or whether you need to install a friendly violin or your nosy mother.
  • I want to consider buying an eco-car? If so, a hybrid or electric car may be an option. The cost is higher at the beginning, but there are also some government grants, such as the BMW i3 with a subsidy of 5,000 USD.

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