What to check before you make your decision of buying a car

Any seller should expect you to turn the car around before making a decision, so use this time wisely. Testing a car is not just about checking if it feels good. Be sure to check according to our 14 things.

  • Is the driving position comfortable? Can the seat slide, ascend and tilt? Can you adjust the position of the steering wheel? Can you see all the mirrors through the window? Can you get to the pedals, shift levers and handbrakes?
  • If you want to install a child car seat, is this easy to get in? Or if you need to carry large items, such as golf clubs, are they suitable?
  • Try a different route. If you want to drive on this road, including the highway.
  • Stop on an empty road to check the brakes again. Try the handbrake on the mountain and hear if there is any unusual snoring.
  • Check that the brakes and clutch are working smoothly and efficiently. Do three more turns and check if there is a gap in the steering.
  • Will it turn? Is the car turning to the side, or is it balanced?
  • Engine hood, door and trunk. Is the hood, door and trunk easy to open?
  • What is the cabin like? Will people feel comfortable on long trips?
  • Boot space. If you are likely to carry heavy or heavy items, will you easily carry them into your boots?
  • Is it smooth? Is the car going smoothly?
  • What is power like? Is it strong enough to stay away from traffic lights and continue up the mountain without the need for endless shifting?
  • What is the noise (or other noise) of the engine? Is there a pungent snoring or snoring?
  • Check the suspension. How does it absorb bumps and turns?
  • Will it suit your space? Do you have a dedicated parking space? Still parking outside the street? Is there a problem with installing a car there?
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